Elizabeth, The Tree

I have the best next door neighbors in the world. Seriously. He's a doctor (who makes house calls, to my house). She's good at everything, especially if it's creative: interior design, scrapbooking, gardening, cooking. Plus they're just plain fun. They have two adorable children they happily loan to me anytime I am in the mood for some kid fun, a brand new swimming pool they are happy to sharea dog that swims laps, a wonderful deck that's perfect for let's just have a beer and talk it over, really great yard tools, and now: This.

 But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Let's start with Elizabeth. She's a beauty. Strong roots,

a majestic canopy,

and, as you can see, the perfect branch for a swing. A gigantic swing, that hangs down 48 feet.

The swing of that swing, it goes on forever. And so I am quite certain I shall never feel stress again.

Macie and Hampton, the dynamic duo


  1. "The swing of that swing, it goes on forever." This ranks as one of my favorite sentences ever.

  2. this happens and i'm not home. what is this?!?!?! best neighbors ever!